Thurston Ridge

Nisqually River Side Channel at Thurston Ridge
  • Land Protected: 164.9 acres
  • Shoreline Protected: 2 miles of Nisqually River shoreline and 1.2 miles of side channel shoreline
  • Protection Timeline: 1989 (2.5 acres); 1991 (60.2 acres); 1992 (20.2 acres); 2002 (61 acres); 2007 (11 acres)
  • Conservation Values: Fish and wildlife habitats, including side channels; floodplain forest; steep, forested river bluff; forested wetland; and upland forest
  • Property Overview: This protected area includes the very first property protected by the Land Trust, 2.5 acres of sand and gravel shoreline adjacent to important salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitats, donated by Larry and Beverly Hauge in 1989. Today this area includes just under 165 acres and protects two islands, two miles of Nisqually River shoreline and over a mile of forested bluff along the river.
  • Conservation Partners: Glen Anderson, Larry & Beverly Hauge, Charles & Margaret Reilly, John & Margaret Meek, Salmon Recovery Funding Board
  • Habitat Restoration Partners: Nisqually Indian Tribe, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Nisqually River Foundation – Education Project volunteers
  • Property Guidelines: This protected area is closed to the public due to access restrictions. It is visited by school groups participating in organized service learning and environmental education activities and volunteers who participate in organized habitat monitoring, maintenance, and restoration activities.
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