Middle Mashel

  • Land Protected: 240 acres
  • Shoreline Protected: 2.6 miles of Mashel River mainstem shoreline
  • Protection Timeline: 2011 (240 acres)
  • Conservation Values: Fish and wildlife habitats including instream habitats; steep, forested riparian zones; and upland forest
  • Property Overview:  In 2011, the Land Trust purchased this property from Hancock Timber Resource Group. This protected area is several miles upstream of the Town of Eatonville along the Mashel River, which is the largest tributary to the Nisqually and the most important tributary for anadromous fish. The primary objective for this site is to conserve high-quality instream and riparian habitats for salmon and trout species, particularly Chinook and steelhead. In addition, this project helps protect Eatonville’s drinking-water supply. A secondary objective for this site is to manage the upland forest to provide high-quality wildlife habitat. Over time this will include active management of the commercial forest plantations to increase biodiversity and forest structure.
  • Conservation Partners: Salmon Recovery Funding Board; Nisqually Indian Tribe
  • Habitat Restoration Partners: Nisqually Indian Tribe; volunteers
  • Property Guidelines: This Protected Area is closed to visits by the public due to access restrictions. Please contact the Land Trust to find out about opportunities to visit this site