Lower Reach

Forest at Lower Reach
  • Land Protected: 261.6 acres
  • Shoreline Protected: 1.4 miles of Nisqually River shoreline and 1.3 miles of Yelm Creek shoreline
  • Protection Timeline: 2010 (32 acres); 2014 (229.6 acres)
  • Conservation Values: Fish and wildlife habitats, including forested riparian shorelines along Yelm Creek and the mainstem of the Nisqually River; upland forest; and open fields
  • Property Overview:  Protecting and restoring forested shoreline habitats along the Nisqually River is important for maintaining and improving water quality and providing healthy aquatic habitats for many species, including salmon and trout. Members of two Yelm families, the Blakes and Petersens, have helped ensured that close to a mile and a half of river shoreline is protected forever.
  • Conservation Partners: Blake Family; Petersen Family; Thurston County
  • Habitat Restoration Partners: Natural Resources Conservation Service; Northwest Natural Resource Group; volunteers
  • Property Guidelines: This Protected Area is closed to visits by the public, but is visited by school groups participating in organized service learning and environmental education activities; and volunteers who participate in organized habitat monitoring, maintenance and restoration activities.
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