Elbe - Devil's Club
  • Land Protected: 15 acres
  • Shoreline Protected: 0.3 miles of river mainstem shoreline
  • Protection Timeline: 2000 (15 acres)
  • Conservation Values: Fish and wildlife habitats, including river mainstem, forested riparian zones, and wetlands
  • Property Overview:  This property was donated to the Land Trust by Jan Wigley in 2000. It protects the south shoreline of the Upper Nisqually River just downstream from the confluence with Mineral Creek. In amongst the mature Douglas fir, western red cedar, and western hemlock there is evidence of earlier harvest – stumps with spring board notches. In 2013, Pierce Conservation District treated knotweed along this stretch of the river, including a few small patches on this property.
  • Conservation Partners: Private Donor
  • Habitat Restoration Partners: Nisqually Indian Tribe and Pierce Conservation District
  • Property Guidelines: This property is closed to visits by the public due to significant access restrictions. Please contact the Land Trust to find out about opportunities to visit this site.