About Our Protected Areas

Nisqually Land Trust Protected Areas are managed to promote the most beneficial habitats for fish and wildlife species. You are welcome to visit many of the beautiful, important lands that we protect; however, most of these properties are undeveloped and do not have designated trails or other visitor amenities (e.g. parking lots, restrooms, drinking water, picnic tables, maintained trails, trash containers; boat ramps; etc.). Wherever public access is allowed, uses are limited to low-impact recreational activities during daylight hours. Examples of low-impact activities: nature study and enjoyment; photography; and walking / hiking. Boundary and information signs are posted on Land Trust properties. See each Protected Area webpage (links below) to learn more about the areas that are open to visits from the public.

Please Note: All organized activities on Nisqually Land Trust lands (e.g. school visits or tours) must be coordinated with the Land Trust at least a month in advance.

More information about public use of Nisqually Land Trust properties.

Policy on Public Use of Nisqually Land Trust Lands (PDF)

Total Acres Protected by Nisqually Land Trust – As of January 2018: 6,551 acres

Trust-Owned Land: 6,044 acres
Trust-Assisted Projects: 205 acres
Conservation Easements: 302 acres