Our Lands & Projects

2016 Conservation Highlights

  • We acquired and permanently protected over seven miles and 700 acres of riparian shoreline; we’ve protected 5,830 total acres to date.
  • We completed the first carbon-credit transaction in the Pacific Northwest, partnering with Microsoft to protect 541 acres of timberlands and accomplish the equivalent of taking 6,000 cars off the road.
  • We launched the first community forest in Puget Sound, acquiring 640 acres of working forestlands that will be managed to benefit our watershed communities.
  • Staff and volunteer Site Stewards monitored all 14 of the protected areas, or habitat blocks, that we group our properties in
  • 435 volunteers contributed 4,135 hours to the Land Trust
  • Staff, volunteers, and watershed partners planted 33,514 native trees and shrubs on Land Trust properties, bringing our total plantings to 253,531
  • 140 people participated in nature walks on our lands
  • Invasive ivy, blackberry and scotch broom removed from 135 acres to improve wildlife habitat
  • 8,500 pounds of garbage removed from roadsides, waterways, and other Land Trust sites


Nisqually Facts

  • The Nisqually is the only river in the country with its headwaters protected by a National Park and its delta protected by a National Wildlife Refuge.
  • The Nisqually is home to five native salmon species: Chinook, coho, chum, and pink salmon and steelhead trout.
  • All told, the Land Trust and its watershed partners have permanently protected 76 percent of the mainstem Nisqually River’s 84 shoreline miles.
  • Threatened and at-risk species found in the watershed include Chinook salmon, steelhead trout, northern spotted owls, marbled murrelets, bald eagles, northern goshawks, pileated woodpeckers and peregrine falcons.