In Memorium: Judy Scavone

It is with love, respect, and a great sense of loss that we note the passing of our longtime friend and board member Judy Scavone on July 28. She died peacefully at her home in Ashford, surrounded by friends and family.

It is a simple statement of fact that without Judy pushing and pulling us, leading by example, raising support, and, as her health waned, becoming our biggest cheerleader, we would not have accomplished the lion’s share of our work over the past decade – especially the creation of our 2,500-acre wildlife corridor, the Mount Rainier Gateway Reserve, on the flanks of the mountain Judy worked so hard to protect, and where she made her home.

Judy was a force of nature in every good sense of the phrase. Her profound sense of community and her commitment to conservation of our shared natural legacy will always inspire us. We will miss her.