2016-2020 Strategic Plan Highlights

Vision Statement

The Nisqually River watershed remains one of Washington’s most pristine river habitats despite being located in a landscape that is extensively and increasingly urbanized.  Our vision is to protect, restore, and manage the natural and essentially wild aspects of this river basin while cooperating with watershed communities to support an ecologically sustainable way of life.

We envision:

  • Clean and abundant drinking water;
  • Self-sustaining wildlife populations;
  • Abundant stocks of wild salmonids;
  • Diverse native ecosystems;
  • Sustainable working forests and agricultural lands;
  • Inspiring scenic vistas; and
  • A human population that is healthy, whole, and committed to good stewardship of the land and water that supports us all.

To meet this challenge, we envision for the Land Trust:

  • Broad membership and community support;
  • A wide range of proactive and mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • A diverse board of directors committed to conservation leadership;
  • A professional staff with the capacity to fulfill the board’s vision; and
  • A stable, sustainable organization that can make the long-term security of the Nisqually’s clean water, scenic beauty, and native plant and animal populations a legacy to future generations

Mission Statement

The Nisqually Land Trust acquires and manages critical lands to permanently benefit the water, wildlife, and people of the Nisqually River Watershed.



  • Conservation Leadership: We are a conservation leader and have a responsibility to pursue bold and innovative conservation strategies.
  • Organizational Integrity: We practice sound management. We are honest, effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible.
  • Partnership: We collaborate with individuals, organizations and communities to identify opportunities and challenges, devise workable solutions and achieve mutual goals.
  • Respect: We base all of our relationships—within our organization, with our conservation partners, with individuals, businesses, communities and the land itself—on respect, trust, and tolerance.
  • Stewardship: We steward our lands to protect their conservation values and viability now and forever.
  • Sustainability: We practice conservation that supports productive local economies, vibrant local cultures, and a healthy natural environment.


2016-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)